Sponsor a Senior

With over a quarter of Gillespie County citizens over age 65, many disabled and on limited incomes, the Meals on Wheels program is greatly needed in our community. However, due to rising food, gas, and operating costs and minimal government funding, we must appeal to the private and business sector for financial support for our Meals on Wheels program.

So that we may continue to serve Fredericksburg’s oldest and neediest citizens, we are asking you to join our 2019 fundraising campaign, “Sponsor a Senior.” By sponsoring one of our senior citizen meal recipients, you will ensure the maintenance of our Meals on Wheels and in-house congregate dining program. Sponsorships are available from one year ($1000 donation-feeds a senior for a year) to one day ($5 donation- feeds a senior one meal).

This year the Golden Hub must raise $128,600 to continue our good work. With your help, we were able to achieve this goal.  Donations are still being accepted. Sponsorship levels are listed below- donations may be mailed to:

Golden Hub SAS Annual Fund Drive

1009 N. Lincoln

Fredericksburg Texas 78624

We hope you will find a donation level that fits your budget and our senior’s needs. Individuals, businesses, clubs, church groups, and civic organizations are all encouraged to “Sponsor a Senior” for the coming year. The Dian Graves Own Foundation has generously agreed to match our “Sponsor a Senior” campaign again this year on a dollar to dollar basis for up to $20,000.   This year we are lucky to announce that the Golden Hub Foundation has also agreed to match our fundraiser another $20,000.   We will continue the “Sponsor a Senior” campaign until the end of January, so it’s not too late to show your support for the seniors in Gillespie County.  All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!

$1000 One year sponsorship- feeds a senior for 1 year.
$500 Half year sponsorship- feeds a senior for one half year.
$100 One month sponsorship- feeds a senior for 1 month.
$50 Two-week sponsorship- feeds a senior for 2 weeks.
$5 One meal sponsorship- feeds a senior 1 meal.