Lunch Menus

This Week

Monday, April 22

Charbroiled Meatballs
Mushroom Gravy
Egg Noodles
Vegetable Blend
Dinner Roll

Tuesday, April 23

Chicken Fried Steak
Mashed Potatoes
Cream Gravy
Okra Gumbo
Tropical Fruit Salad
Wheat Bread

Wednesday, April 24

Baked Chicken
Salad Bar
Carrot Casserole
Seasoned Greens
Hot Fruit Compote
Dinner Roll

Thursday, April 25

Pork Schnitzel
Mushroom Gravy
Salad Bar
Baked Sweet Potato
Seasoned Steamed Cabbage
Orange Glo Salad
Bavarian Dinner Roll

Friday, April 26

Soup of the Day
BBQ Chicken
Herb Potato Cubes
Charro beans
Cucumber Tomato Salad
Birthday Cake
Wheat Bread

Next Week

Monday, April 29

Cornflake Chicken
Buttered New Potatoes
Peas & Carrots
Fresh Orange
Wheat Bread

Tuesday, April 30

Smoked Sausage with Peppers & Onions
Cheesy Grits
Green Beans with Tomatoes
Bread Pudding
Wheat Bread

Wednesday, May 1

(No Menu Available)

Thursday, May 2

(No Menu Available)

Friday, May 3

(No Menu Available)